Friday, January 02, 2004

joke 1

The night was dark, the moon was high,
I stopped my car....u wondered why?
I leant so close, u felt shy.
I uttered those three words....
I !!

Friends r like mirrors, they r our reflection.
You r damn lucky I look good !!!!

You = cute
You = hot
You = sweet
You = intelligent
You = amazing
You = perfect
Me = liar.

I have a confession to make, ever since I have known u,
Its kinda hard for me to forget u.
Every night u appear in my dreams, And I find my self shouting.....

I look at the stars, the stars r beautiful
Then I look at you......
I ......
I .......
I rather look at the stars again. *****

Look at the world as one big chocolate cake. It would never be complete
without few sweets n nuts.
Sweets like ME and nuts like YOU.

U r 100% beautiful, u r 100% lucky
u r 100% sweet , u r 100% nice, and u r 100% stupid to believe these

Good looking people r hard to find.
That's why u don't ......
That's y u don't see me often.

A good speech should b like a women's skirt...
Long enough to cover the subject,
And short enough to create interest.

When u feel sad....
To cheer up just go to the mirror and say, "damn I am really sooo cute"
u will overcome ur sadness.
But don't make this a habit.....
Coz liars go to hell !!!!

Jassi sing h tells his gf, "come home tomorrow, no one will b at home."
When she goes the next day to his home....... There was NO ONE at home.

What frustrates the sardarji when his wife delivers twins???
He wonders who is the father of the second child.

WIFE : " I wish I was a newspaper, so I'd be in ur hands all day."
HUSBAND : " I too wish that u were a newspaper, so I could have a new
one everyday."

A SARDARJI is in the library , he bangs down a book and says :" too
boring, too many characters and no story".
LIBRARIAN says : oh! U r the one who took the phone directory away??

God created ME to b ur friend. He picked ME out from all the REST coz
he knows I am ....well one of the BEST.
AHEM !! don't argue with God now

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