Friday, January 02, 2004

open source

Open Source Tools and Philosophy

Open Source Systems for Libraries
This site is specifically geared to open source software for use in libraries. The Projects page lists open source projects for library software. The Readings page includes pointers to essays about open source and libraries, as well as books on more general open source topics.

An excellent place to learn about the history, attitude, and philosophy of the open source phenomenon.

Linux World
Linux is perhaps the most visible open source project today, and there are consequently hundreds of Web sites focused on it. This Web-only magazine is a good place to start, with news and technical information about Linux along with many links to other sites.

The Free Software Foundation
One of the longest-running open source projects, the Free Software Foundation launched the GNU project in 1984. Much of what you think of as Linux is really GNU software running on the Linux kernel.

The Apache Software Foundation
It started as an HTTP daemon, but has grown to include a variety of open source software projects, including XML-Apache, mod_perl, and Java-Apache, which includes our favorite Java application server, JServ.

We use this open source HTML template engine to get data from Java servlets into Web pages while keeping HTML design separate from the application logic.

Another key component of the WRLC application architecture is this open source relational database management system.

This tool for sending ILL documents to the Web is open source software that libraries using Ariel can make use of quickly and easily.

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