Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Pongal wishes

Bhogi morning

Misty mornings, made even more so by the smoke coming from the fires lit by the people on the roads, young boys beating on small drums...... a quintessential Bhogi morning

Maatu Pongal

Maatu pongal - the day dedicated to the animal considered most sacred by the Hindus. The cows are bathed, decorated, prayed and given special offerings.

Pongalo pongal

Drawing the attractive kolam patterns, buying new rice and cooking it in a new pot, these are the special features of this special festival.

Pongal in the city

Pongal is always a special time - be it in the countryside or in the city proper, Pongal, like the other festivals, has always been celebrated with great gusto. Buying sugarcane, new rice, new clothes and eating hot, delicious pongal has always been a regular feature.


This is a phenomenon special to the Southern regions of Tamil Nadu, especially Madurai, Trichy etc. This game is the ultimate test of the bravery of any hot blooded male. What else would you call trying to subdue a bull with huge horns, that is running at breakneck speed?


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