Sunday, March 14, 2004

Fine Justification

It was funny to see the little argument that came from the article (JSP Vs PHP ). It is like listening to Democrats and Republicans -- there's only one party that is any good, and the other one is evil. In my opinion, programming any application is like plumbing. If a plumber came to your house and he only had one wrench, you would and should send him away. What if your pipes are bigger? What if he needs to cut into a wall to reach your pipes? What if your pipes are made of PVC or ABS? A good plumber has a whole toolkit, and uses tools based on what is needed for the job, not based on how great "this" wrench is and how awful all the other wrenches are.

As such, if you are doing those large, complex sites that PHP could never do before, you should at least LOOK at it again before you count it out. It might meet your needs. It might not. Same for JSP. Check it out and see if it meets your needs. It might. Or it might not. Don't marry the tool. Choose the tool that fits your specific needs at the time. A hammer really does not fix everything.

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