Thursday, June 24, 2004


Java Everywhere in Action

This year at the JavaOneSM conference, you will be able to experience and explore JavaTM technology while having some fun! Test your skills on Java technology-based mobile and desktop games. Compete with others in multi-player gaming. See where Java technology is headed in your life -- in your living room with interactive TV and in your home office with devices that make your life easier. Be sure you stop by Java Everywhere in Action and see the schedule of events.

nice site

I got this link when i browse something in the net...
looks cool...

Some info' from that site..

I works with this fool... do you all have one like her at your office?

"I work with a woman who drives me crazy. She sits across from me, so there is no escaping her. She has the most fake phone voice that makes me cringe. When she calls people she uses this singsong voice that is really loud and obnoxious, but what is the worst part, is just before she hangs up she says: "Buh-bye" in such a snarky way that I want to puke.

She has this staticy waist length hair that she combs all the time and dresses like Dorothy Zbornak on Golden Girls, and she's only in her late 30's! I know I shouldn't complain about someone's clothes or appearance, but... when in combination with the rest of it, it's just the icing on the cake.

She uses nasal spray all day long, and then sprays this terrible perfume.

When people come into the office, she doesn't EVER look up to assist them, I always have to. But, when someone is at my desk asking for assistance, she interrupts me and answers their questions right as I am doing so!

And, she takes 2 and a half hour long lunch breaks. No one ever says anything about it, either because she's been here forever.

Additionally, her hyperbole is absolutely maddening! Everything is "crucial" or "critical" or "dire." Our office is totally laid back, there's no need for that!

I don't think I'm making it clear how irritating she is."



Regarding JXTA

Q: What is Project JXTA?

A: Project JXTA started as a research project incubated at Sun Microsystems under the guidance of Bill Joy and Mike Clary. Its goal is to explore a vision of distributed network computing using peer-to-peer topology, and to develop basic building blocks and services that would enable innovative applications for peer groups. The project specification and implementation code can be found at This open source project is licensed under the Apache Software License, encouraging others to join in the effort. The project is evolving daily.

Java == platform independence
XML == application independence
JXTA == network independenc


Tha^y's 14 Precepts:

Do not believe that I feel that I follow each and every of these precepts perfectly. I know I fail in many ways. None of us can fully fulfill any of these. However, I must work toward a goal. These are my goal. No words can replace practice, only practice can make the words.

"The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon."

-Thich Nhat Hanh (pronounced Tick-Naught-Han)

Amazing stuff

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Despite a steady rise in the number of IT jobs being outsourced, demand for workers with Internet-related skills such as Java and networking is helping to drive IT compensation higher, according to a report released by Meta Group.



¸¡¨Ä¢ø ÅÕõ ÅƢ¢ø FORD CAR Á¢Ð
´Õ ¿¡ö urine pass ¦ºöÐì ¦¸¡ñÎ þÕó¾Ð.
±ýɦÁ¡, ±ýÛ¨¼Â car §À¡Ä ¿¡ý Å¢ÃðÊ Å¢ðÎ Åó¦¾ý.

À¢ý §Â¡º¢ò¾ §À¡Ð,
±ÉìÌ ²ý þó¾ §Å¨Ä ±É §¾¡ýü¢ÂÐ.

À¢ÈÌ þôÀÊÔõ §Â¡º¢ì¸ §¾¡ýü¢ÂÐ,
¿¡öìÌ Ü¼ ¦¾Ã¢óÐ þÕ츢ÈÐ.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

So Happy Today

I was so happy after i did my blog in tamil..

±ýÛ¨¼Â Ó¾ø ¾Á¢ú À¾¢ôÒ....
¾ÅÚ¸û þÕôÀ¢ý ÁýÉ¢ì¸×õ...

From birth onwards the guy was a dumb and suddenly oneday he got a speaking capability means what type of words he could speak first....
(even u can see this in a tamil movie SARASVATHI SABATHAM ...sivaji did that...)..
like that my list
3.¿ñÀ÷¸û(¬ñÀ¡ø & ¦ÀñÀ¡ø)
5.ºÃ¡§¸¡ (xerago)
10._ _ _ _ _(fill this with yr own thought....but don't fill my girlfriend name or lovername ..u r wrong :)- )

---Шà ÓÕ¸ý

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

next OpenSource

Sun not opensource JAVA but they are ready to opensource SOLARIS....but don't know when...


"I can maintain my individuality if I freelance as I can put my conditions. I won't be made to follow the styles of the company I work for," is how Anirudh puts it.


RSS in Jsp

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a specification for XML files to provide syndicated data. It is typically used by news sites and blogs to provide information concerning the latest news stories, posts, etc., in such a way that links to the stories can be included on other web sites or even downloaded by news aggregator programs. Many thousands of RSS feeds are currently available -- take a look at a site such as syndic8 to get an idea.


Tech & Design

This is the common problem in all s/w compaines.
Can Programmers Do Interaction Design?

Nice Article

worth to visit

I am great fan of this writter.After i read his stories in Anandha vikatan ,i am so eagerly searching his books and all..finally i found this URL...

Mr.Thunnai Elluthu

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Gmail Struggles

US politicians have taken the first steps towards imposing restrictions on Google's Gmail service.

Next Generation Web

The Semantic Web

The Semantic Web will bring structure to the meaningful content of Web pages, creating an environment where software agents roaming from page to page can readily carry out sophisticated tasks for users.


Blogs aren't just personal any more, says Mary Branscombe. You can get software secrets or an insider view of the market straight from the source.

JCP info

Complete JCP info

java questions

Gosling didn't care for the complexity of languages such as C++, he did like the basic syntax and object-oriented features of the language. So when he sat down to design his new language, he used C++ as its model, stripping away all the features of C++ that made that language difficult to use with his consumer-electronics projects. When Gosling completed his language-design project, he had a new programming language that he named Oak. (The story goes that the name Oak came to Gosling as he gazed out his office window at an oak tree.)
Java Question & Answers

jsp & xml

JSP with XML in mind
Server side


Joel's Programmer's Bookshelf.