Thursday, June 24, 2004

nice site

I got this link when i browse something in the net...
looks cool...

Some info' from that site..

I works with this fool... do you all have one like her at your office?

"I work with a woman who drives me crazy. She sits across from me, so there is no escaping her. She has the most fake phone voice that makes me cringe. When she calls people she uses this singsong voice that is really loud and obnoxious, but what is the worst part, is just before she hangs up she says: "Buh-bye" in such a snarky way that I want to puke.

She has this staticy waist length hair that she combs all the time and dresses like Dorothy Zbornak on Golden Girls, and she's only in her late 30's! I know I shouldn't complain about someone's clothes or appearance, but... when in combination with the rest of it, it's just the icing on the cake.

She uses nasal spray all day long, and then sprays this terrible perfume.

When people come into the office, she doesn't EVER look up to assist them, I always have to. But, when someone is at my desk asking for assistance, she interrupts me and answers their questions right as I am doing so!

And, she takes 2 and a half hour long lunch breaks. No one ever says anything about it, either because she's been here forever.

Additionally, her hyperbole is absolutely maddening! Everything is "crucial" or "critical" or "dire." Our office is totally laid back, there's no need for that!

I don't think I'm making it clear how irritating she is."


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