Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Next Generation Web....

What are the biggest misconceptions that developers and IT people have about RSS/XML syndication?

People addicted to RSS tell their friends to check it out. Often, their friends say, "I don't have time to read weblogs." Remember people in 1993 saying they did not have time to surf the Internet? This is maddening, because RSS is actually a huge time-saver. There are two misconceptions. One is that RSS is just about reading blogs, and the other is that blogs are not worth reading. Some of the most influential voices in technology and business are on weblogs.

For developers who have not adopted RSS, how can it impact the way they work, communicate, and organize information?

Any business or person providing information to others would probably benefit from RSS. Already, I have spoken with my new colleagues at Sun about providing RSS streams whenever posting new content to a portal. We're not yet talking about a product, but it could happen.


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