Monday, December 27, 2004

Day After Tomorrow

I hate SEA from yesterday

Most terrific day in my life..At 9am, i woke up from bed because it was a SUNDAY.I got a call from my friend who said "Earthquake in chennai"..i thought it was a joke..To confirm this I put my TV..only to find that there was no cable connection....In panic i came out of my room only to find my mansion empty...i was the only guy in the entire mansion.then i went to top floor..whole of triplicane was standing on the streets..i got a call from all my friends saying "please get out of the mansion ..please go to any safe place"..i didn't know where to go..

I never saw such a crowd in triplicane..With my friends i went to beach to see what's was happening over there....i have never seen the beach like this..never such a crowd and neither so much water..everywhere i heard only police and ambulance sirens ...

I saw the REAL pain and REAL fear in everybody's eyes..Didn't know what to do..Feeling very hungry at that time..not a single shop was friend and I went to Mount road for my breakfast.I returned back to my room to watch what was happening around the city on the T.V...cable connection was on at that time and my friends also joined.

just watched all the channels(sun news,headlines today,ndtv,dd,bbc...) a poll results the causalty count start increasing every hour.

Every 20 mins i got a call from someone asking about my status(thanks guys for yr support and thanks for remembering me)..I got maximum number of calls yesterday...
when i tried to make a call to my house, I did not get the line..because of too much traffic in the line..i got to call at night only(9:40pm)

Afternoon,my friend got parcel meals for me..we shared that and spoke like "This might be our last meal if something goes wrong"....some foolish thoughts(now i thought like this..but at that time it seemed possible infact we believed that...)
Everywhere all were speaking of that news only..and also so many rumours ..i just watched as usual programs I regularly do in TV(3-4 live choice in jayatv and couple of my favorites)...and washed my clothes.

I wanted a change of mood decided to go to a movie..i thought nobody will be in the theatre..but my guess was wrong.. I was not able to get a a ticket(in black only) for the movie "RAMAKRISHNA"....not able to enjoy throughly because i had a guilty felling in my mind i doing anything wrong to this society?Everybody there was struggling for life ..i was here enjoying the movie..but i gave justification for myself saying " i am also an ordinary man...if something happened to me who is going to care for why should i bother about that...".....some philosophical thought.

The guys watching the movie gave comments based on this incident only....everybody laughed for that cheap comment( i too ..what to do..i am also an ordinary man..u know)..

i got a SMS and calls saying still there was a chance to rise of water in the don't go to triplicane..i didn't care about that sms and went to my room..on the way to my room most of people were sleeping on the road...(because they were all afraid of the earth quake recurring)
At 2am i just switch on my TV and watched my fav.channels(Ftv,zoom tv..)...and slept ...Morning i got up a bit early, opened the door and saw my neighbours's house..Everything was fine...I was a bit cool by that time and just listened to the news channels again.

Actually i have never believed in GOD..but what can I do..if everything goes out of our hand...i too did the same thing..prayed to GOD

I want to do something to those people who suffered by this incident.. i don't know how can I contribute to this..Its very easy to watch everything in TV and comment about that..when u face that in yr life then only u can able to understand that pain..i realized that yesterday..

But morning as usual i prepared myself and came to office and did the same work what i am doing couple of months(production support and wrote couple of lines in java....for my bread)..

People may remember this incident a week or 2 ...But I never forget this incident in my lifetime..

THANKS GOD ...Giving me the oppurtunity to live in this world(2nd chance) .

checkout the following links if u have time :

Friday, December 24, 2004


Now I am learning How to use ANT..
Otherwise eachtime I have to compile my java files and copy that class file into one directory and then I make that file into war(or)jar much of work I have to do deploy this files into someother server..

But after learning( not completely )ANT my life becomes so simple..just type 'ant' in the command prompt or make it as a batch file ...then it will take care of rest of the work..

If u r using IDEs(netbeans,...) does that kind of stuff..but i used to write my programs only in notepad or this will help me a lot..

Learn ANT...

Linux Vs Solaris

Now Torvalds and his allies face a new side of that old competitor. Sun has turned Solaris into an open-source project. The company also is building its own community of programmers around Solaris, while promoting the operating system's deployment on the widely used computers with x86 processors, such as Intel's Xeon.

Torvalds - interview with CNET :

Question : What do you think of what Sun is doing with Solaris 10--technology improvements, open source, and the move to x86 chips?
Answer : I'm taking a very wait-and-see attitude to Sun. They like talking too much. I'm waiting for the action.


Xmas Dream by Mr.scott McNealy

Scott McNealy's Xmas dream
By Scott McNealy, CEO at Sun Microsystems

Exclusive I had the weirdest dream last night.

There I am, standing in line to see Santa, with hundreds of other kids.

The line is one of those switch-back ones, the kind that make you dizzy from changing directions so many times. Half of the kids look eager and excited, the other half scared and anxious. A couple of kids can't stand still, a couple can't seem to stand up.

All of a sudden I realize that the kid getting on Santa's lap looks like a young Bill Gates... it is a young Bill Gates! And there's Larry Ellison and Meg Whitman. Carly is there and so is Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik. I lean over the rope line to see if I can catch what Gates is saying:


Urban Dictionary(english)

My friend sent this link...
Its quite interesting..
Its typical dictionary kind of stuff..but anyone can give meaning for that word and also he/she can upload images appropriate to that word....i checked with couple of words(good words only :-)) like JAVA,Microsoft,India...etc

Why don't u try..
this site and learn new meaning for any kind of words..

What’s Next for Google

Its a very long article..
(i havn't finished 4 pages only...:-)) ....
For Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, 2004 was a very good year. His firm led the search industry, the fastest-growing major sector in technology; it went public, raising $1.67 billion; its stock price soared; and its revenues more than doubled, to $3 billion. But as the search market ripens into something worthy of Microsoft’s attention, those familiar with the software business have been wondering whether Google, apparently triumphant, is in fact headed off the cliff.


Monday, December 20, 2004

Thirai Vimarsanam...

Last week celebration ..
1)Swades - Hindi
2)Swades - Tamil
3)Kaathal - Tamil
4)Incredible - English

Swades(Hindi) :
Nice movie..not able to understand much because of hindi version..With the help of my friends atleast i understood story..I feel ashamed of not knowing hindi(indian !!)..going to learn..don't know when..But I enjoyed very much... But others are saying its looks like a documentary movie..i don't think so..if u r an indian or NRI(non returning indians - film dialog) u must watch this movie..

Swades(Tamil) :
Because of not able to understood the dialog in hindi, I decided to watch it in tamil..Tamil version is also quite good....not that much crowd in theatre..But i feel original version (hindi)is nice compare to tamil..

Movie review :" Its a modern version of the famous tamil movie UNNAL MUDIYUM THAMBI"

Kaathal :
This film is like reading a novel....stunning performance by new stars..Songs are superb(especially that MANSION song )...Its a real no commercial addition in this movie..This film deserved for awards..Madurai guys, Don't miss it..

Incrediable :
Animation movie from PIXAR group..I thought it 's like a games in computer..But my assumption was completely wrong....what a graphics..!!! chanceless..

I feel bit proud of myself spent last week with useful way...:-)

Friday, December 10, 2004

Worth to Read

I got this info via Mail...Good one .... So touching !!!

Its not the pace of life I mind , its the sudden stop at the end !!!

'How long will you be poring over that newspaper? Will you come here right away and make your darling daughter eat her food?'

I tossed the paper away and rushed to the scene. My only daughter Sindu looked frightened. Tears were welling up in her eyes. In front of her was
a bowl filled to its brim with Curd Rice.

Sindu is a nice child, quite intelligent for her age. She has just turned eight. She particularly detested Curd Rice. My mother and my wife
are orthodox, and believe firmly in the 'cooling effects' of Curd Rice!

I cleared my throat, and picked up the bowl. "Sindu, darling, why don't you take a few mouthful of this Curd Rice? Just for Dad's sake, dear.
And, if you don't, your Mom will shout at me'

I could sense my wife's scowl behind my back. Sindu softened a bit, and wiped her tears with the back of her hands. 'OK, Dad. I will eat - not
just a few mouthfuls, but the whole lot of this. But, you should...' Sindu hesitated.
'Dad, if I eat this entire Curd Rice, will you give me whatever I ask for?'

'Oh sure, darling'.


'Promise'. I covered the pink soft hand extended by my daughter with mine, and clinched the deal.

'Ask Mom also to give a similar promise', my daughter insisted. My wife slapped her hand on Sindu's, muttering 'Promise', without any emotion.

Now I became a bit anxious. 'Sindumma, you shouldn't insist on getting a computer or any such expensive items. Dad does not have that kind of
money right now. OK?'

'No, Dad. I do not want anything expensive'. Slowly and painfully, she finished eating the whole quantity. I was silently angry with my
wife and my mother for forcing my child eat something that she detested.

After the ordeal was through, Sindu came to me with her eyes wide with expectation. All our attention was on her. 'Dad, I want to have my
head shaved off, this Sunday!' was her demand!

'Atrocious!' shouted my wife, 'a girl child having her head shaved off? Impossible!'.

'Never in our family!' my mother rasped. 'She has been watching too much of television. Our culture is getting totally spoiled with these TV

'Sindumma, why don't you ask for something else? We will be sad seeing you with a clean-shaven head.'

'No, Dad. I do not want anything else', Sindu said with finality.

'Please, Sindu, why don't you try to understand our feelings?' I tried to plead with her.

'Dad, you saw how difficult it was for me to eat that Curd Rice'. Sindu was in tears. 'And you promised to grant me whatever I ask for. Now, you
are going back on your words. Was it not you who told me the story of King Harishchandra, and its moral that we should honour our promises no matter what?'

It was time for me to call the shots. 'Our promise must be kept.'

'Are you out your mind?' chorused my mother and wife.

'No. If we go back on our promises, she will never learn to honour her own. Sindu, your wish will be fulfilled.'

With her head clean-shaven, Sindu had a round-face, and her eyes looked big & beautiful.

On Monday morning, I dropped her at her school. It was a sight to watch my hairless Sindu walking towards her classroom. She turned around and
waved. I waved back with a smile. Just then, a boy alighted from a car, and shouted, 'Sinduja, please wait for me!'

What struck me was the hairless head of that boy. 'May be, that is the in-stuff', I thought.

'Sir, your daughter Sinduja is great indeed!' Without introducing herself, a lady got out of the car, and continued, 'That boy who is walking along with your
daughter is my son Harish. He is suffering from ... ... leukaemia.'

She paused to muffle her sobs. 'Harish could not attend the school for the whole of the last month. He lost all his hair due to the side effects of the
chemotherapy. He refused to come back to school fearing the unintentional but cruel teasing of the schoolmates. Sinduja visited him last week, and
promised him that she will take care of the teasing issue.

But, I never imagined she would sacrifice her lovely hair for the sake of my son! Sir, you and your wife are blessed to have such a noble soul as
your daughter.'

I stood transfixed. And then, I wept. 'My little Angel, will you grant me a boon? Should there be another birth for me, will you be my mother,
and teach me what Love is?'

6 Myths of Creativity

Research in this field shows that anyone with normal intelligence is capable of doing some degree of creative work. Creativity depends on a number of things: experience, including knowledge and technical skills; talent; an ability to think in new ways; and the capacity to push through uncreative dry spells. Intrinsic motivation -- people who are turned on by their work often work creatively -- is especially critical.


404 languages

404 file not found error message in 169 languages...
really shocking....


Superb Concept..MyAy

Thanks to the Java platform concept, MyAy users can run their favorite applications on the device to perform a variety of tasks. If a certain sound level is reached or an object moves in front of the device’s infrared lens, MyAy transmits a warning via SMS or establishes a telephone connection to a pre-selected cell phone number. If the device is left in a car or a vacationer’s tent, for example, it can notify the owners if someone is tampering with their property.

Some day it will also have a camera. It can be controlled via Java app over the Web. Nice! Write once, sense everywhere!


Everybody speaking about this stuff...then i decided to learn this new relationship between java objects and relational databases...checkout below..


EJB stuff

I read alot of articles regarding EJB deployment..but this looks superb...actually i depeveloped and deployed EJB using this tutorial ...

EJB ..

J2ME Survey

J2ME - Back to the Beginning?

In many ways, today's J2ME is a return to the very origins of Java technology. The Java programming language was originally developed as a language for programming consumer electronic devices, but over the years it evolved into a set of technologies used primarily to develop desktop and server-based applications.

Survey Details


Question: Do you care to speculate as to how long the Java language will be around?

Answer : I suspect that the Java language will be good for another 20 to 30 years if we manage its evolution carefully. But I also expect that new research ideas will emerge and slowly gain acceptance and, at some point, we'll want a new synthesis that will create a great new simple language. And of course we'll want to make sure that great new language runs on the Java Platform!


OpenSource Nice Definition

Open Source (and "free") software is like water. You can get it for free from any stream, although you have to get to the stream with something to carry the water in. For the last few decades, corporations with only greed to guide them have polluted our water supplies. You can still go to a mountain stream and get cool, clear and clean water, but who has the time? Linux, in this water analogy, comes from such a stream. The water is pure. Since the stream is not very easy to reach, some companies have undertaken the arduous task of bottling the water for public consumption. In Linux terms, these are called "distributions."