Monday, December 27, 2004

Day After Tomorrow

I hate SEA from yesterday

Most terrific day in my life..At 9am, i woke up from bed because it was a SUNDAY.I got a call from my friend who said "Earthquake in chennai"..i thought it was a joke..To confirm this I put my TV..only to find that there was no cable connection....In panic i came out of my room only to find my mansion empty...i was the only guy in the entire mansion.then i went to top floor..whole of triplicane was standing on the streets..i got a call from all my friends saying "please get out of the mansion ..please go to any safe place"..i didn't know where to go..

I never saw such a crowd in triplicane..With my friends i went to beach to see what's was happening over there....i have never seen the beach like this..never such a crowd and neither so much water..everywhere i heard only police and ambulance sirens ...

I saw the REAL pain and REAL fear in everybody's eyes..Didn't know what to do..Feeling very hungry at that time..not a single shop was friend and I went to Mount road for my breakfast.I returned back to my room to watch what was happening around the city on the T.V...cable connection was on at that time and my friends also joined.

just watched all the channels(sun news,headlines today,ndtv,dd,bbc...) a poll results the causalty count start increasing every hour.

Every 20 mins i got a call from someone asking about my status(thanks guys for yr support and thanks for remembering me)..I got maximum number of calls yesterday...
when i tried to make a call to my house, I did not get the line..because of too much traffic in the line..i got to call at night only(9:40pm)

Afternoon,my friend got parcel meals for me..we shared that and spoke like "This might be our last meal if something goes wrong"....some foolish thoughts(now i thought like this..but at that time it seemed possible infact we believed that...)
Everywhere all were speaking of that news only..and also so many rumours ..i just watched as usual programs I regularly do in TV(3-4 live choice in jayatv and couple of my favorites)...and washed my clothes.

I wanted a change of mood decided to go to a movie..i thought nobody will be in the theatre..but my guess was wrong.. I was not able to get a a ticket(in black only) for the movie "RAMAKRISHNA"....not able to enjoy throughly because i had a guilty felling in my mind i doing anything wrong to this society?Everybody there was struggling for life ..i was here enjoying the movie..but i gave justification for myself saying " i am also an ordinary man...if something happened to me who is going to care for why should i bother about that...".....some philosophical thought.

The guys watching the movie gave comments based on this incident only....everybody laughed for that cheap comment( i too ..what to do..i am also an ordinary man..u know)..

i got a SMS and calls saying still there was a chance to rise of water in the don't go to triplicane..i didn't care about that sms and went to my room..on the way to my room most of people were sleeping on the road...(because they were all afraid of the earth quake recurring)
At 2am i just switch on my TV and watched my fav.channels(Ftv,zoom tv..)...and slept ...Morning i got up a bit early, opened the door and saw my neighbours's house..Everything was fine...I was a bit cool by that time and just listened to the news channels again.

Actually i have never believed in GOD..but what can I do..if everything goes out of our hand...i too did the same thing..prayed to GOD

I want to do something to those people who suffered by this incident.. i don't know how can I contribute to this..Its very easy to watch everything in TV and comment about that..when u face that in yr life then only u can able to understand that pain..i realized that yesterday..

But morning as usual i prepared myself and came to office and did the same work what i am doing couple of months(production support and wrote couple of lines in java....for my bread)..

People may remember this incident a week or 2 ...But I never forget this incident in my lifetime..

THANKS GOD ...Giving me the oppurtunity to live in this world(2nd chance) .

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