Monday, December 20, 2004

Thirai Vimarsanam...

Last week celebration ..
1)Swades - Hindi
2)Swades - Tamil
3)Kaathal - Tamil
4)Incredible - English

Swades(Hindi) :
Nice movie..not able to understand much because of hindi version..With the help of my friends atleast i understood story..I feel ashamed of not knowing hindi(indian !!)..going to learn..don't know when..But I enjoyed very much... But others are saying its looks like a documentary movie..i don't think so..if u r an indian or NRI(non returning indians - film dialog) u must watch this movie..

Swades(Tamil) :
Because of not able to understood the dialog in hindi, I decided to watch it in tamil..Tamil version is also quite good....not that much crowd in theatre..But i feel original version (hindi)is nice compare to tamil..

Movie review :" Its a modern version of the famous tamil movie UNNAL MUDIYUM THAMBI"

Kaathal :
This film is like reading a novel....stunning performance by new stars..Songs are superb(especially that MANSION song )...Its a real no commercial addition in this movie..This film deserved for awards..Madurai guys, Don't miss it..

Incrediable :
Animation movie from PIXAR group..I thought it 's like a games in computer..But my assumption was completely wrong....what a graphics..!!! chanceless..

I feel bit proud of myself spent last week with useful way...:-)

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