Friday, January 07, 2005

1 year Anniversary

Days are running in a lightning speed....I am celebrating 1st year anniversary of my blog...
last year my
friend(he is also in the celebration mood)suggested this idea and guided me how to create and what's the purpose of blog and all stuffs..

At that time i thought what content i have to place in this blog..but later i was addicted to blog community..Do u belive or not i can have the capability to write a beautiful blogging software(lot more are there in opensource..but still..)

I have a strong felling that BLOGs are going to be a big HIT in 2005.If u don't have blog you are missing something in the web..seriously.

Still you have a dual thought like create a blog or not.... checkout the following sites..that will tell u the purpose of BLOG ..

Why There's No Escaping the Blog

How to Write A Blog... And Survive

3) Blog's another face

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