Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I know what I did last New Year

In my previous post I said I will write about my Karaikal trip later in my blog..
But now there is no need for that..
My (ex)boss has written about it in his
blog his style(very long blog :-))

I am stunned by his memory power....
Actually I have the habit of writting diaries(in paper diary)....I am not using this blog for posting personal stuff...just as a repository for some tech and trivia stuff....I'm not too comfortable posting personal blogs yet unlike the paper one(diary).

After reading his blog, I realised I missed nearly 13 scenes when I was writing about it in my diary.

interesting scene...
"Scene 35:- 6:51 pm.To preserve privacy, I won't say who. But, one of us decided to pay back the ocean in our own simple way. He pissed against it in mute defiance and disagreement to what it had wrought."

I know who has done this work....:-)... I too won't say who....:-)
An interesting comment from someone nearby " Tsunamikku yathira oru Tsunnami"

As for my Pattinacherry experience:

1) It is very difficult to console the people affected..its impossible.... I saw one person there. He had lost his wife and his 3 children..I didn't know what to say to him....

2) I have never seen a temple like this...totally different from the normal temple going experience...The temple became a home for the village people...people washing clothes in one area and someone was crying in one area...etc. One weird sight was that of a lady calmly combing her hair sitting atop one of the lower levels of the temple gopuram...The temple somehow lost its sanctity and was simply a shelter to the needy.

3) Even if u give money or food to those people..I don't know who's going to take care mental trauma inflicted by the disaster...I saw some people just speaking to themselves ..(very pathetic )

and lots more....

But one thing is sure..
"This was the most memorable NEW YEAR in my lifetime"

Enough, I don't want anymore experiences like this one...

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