Friday, March 18, 2005

About Blogs

I already said, BLOGS are going to be a big hit in 2005...
There are 8 million bloggers in the world now...WOW..

SUN is the leading company in that list...

"Any company that feels threatened by blogs probably feels threatened by the Internet." - Schwartz

Tim Bray on why Blogging is good for your career.

Blogs are started with...
blogs = web diary
blogs = personal journalism
blogs = suggestion box
blogs = Marketting tool
blogs = Mandatory one for an employee
blogs = ?????

some great notes/mini-transcripts from a gathering at The Publicity Club of New York
Q: What is the future of blogging? Is this a fad?

A: 62% of Americans are still not even aware that blogs exist. However, there are bloggers who have maintained the SAME blog for five straight years. This staying power is a good sign that blogs are not a passing fad. Blogging, if nothing more, is an efficient way for people to communicate over the internet.

A: This is a very unsettled time for the media industry. I feel that the “category” itself will eventually disappear as blogging becomes more mainstream. People and companies will no longer be referred to as “bloggers,” just as today, we do not refer to people as “emailers.” That just goes without saying.

A: The world of “controlling the message” is over. News and information is no longer in the hands of a few (large news outlets).


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