Thursday, March 24, 2005


If scalability matters, everybody thinks of JAVA only....To prove that sun guys achieved one more level...

"Today, when a user runs multiple Java applications concurrently in different instances of the Java virtual machine (JVM), there tends to be substantial duplication of effort in each JVM. For example, when multiple applications are executed concurrently, each has to load, parse, verify, and create runtime representations of all the applications' classes, even such common ones as java.lang.Object. Application start-up time, memory footprint, and raw execution time are thus negatively impacted."

"Developing techniques that allow for collocation of multiple applications in a single instance of the virtual machine. Applications are isolated from one another and each "thinks" it has the whole virtual machine all to itself. Aggressive transparent sharing of metadata, such as bytecodes of methods, reduces application footprint and start-up time. Furthermore, through building on the foundation of an isolated Java computation (known as an "isolate"), the team has developed a set of resource management techniques and APIs which allow developers to define new resource types, partition resources among computations, and control resource management overhead."

you can find this article here and also interesting discussion is going on in the

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