Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bookshelf - Design Change

The below site will give you clear picture about what type of books and sites u must have in yr bookshelf or bookmarked ..

Last couple of months I started buying alot of java books based on top 10 list discussion in so many blogs....(java books are really good nowadays...interesting to read..not huge book like "The complete reference" by Patrick Naughton, Herbert Schildt ..even i say its a lengthy book..but that's a java BIBLE.. )

when i am seeing this books list, still i need to buy a couple of next month, u can see some added books in my bookshelf..

checkout that..

Monday, April 25, 2005

Participation Age

what blogging’s role will be in this new Era?

It’s kerosene on the fire. The Participation Age has been on the Net since email. Moving from there to blogging is like moving from carrier pigeon to phone. The emergence of blogs means we have passed beyond early crude tools and it results in fundamental changes on how everything relates. While a journalist is writing about my blog, I’m blogging about his journalism. This is change...


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Interesting Debate

I thought its a beauty..but if you think the same in other perspective, u can get different views this..

"but this is not the google calendar we were looking for. Come on, Google -- you know everything else about me -- my shopping habits, my personal emails, what I search for at 3am, don't you want my daily scheduling info as well?"

" As was pointed out by someone else, they definitely are tracking everyone's searches. See []. "Each of these variations was entered by at least two different unique users within a three month period" You can't get that information without tracking searches and retaining the individual information over a three month period."

"It's annoying as hell, because it tries to auto-fill your searches. It does it at the worst times, too. I was sitting down with my g/f and was Googling for something and it was happily showing a list of things that I had searched for, giving away the fact that I was looking for restaurants to visit."

ha..ha..intersting slashdot post..

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google beauty

Google is doing something big(!)..everyday they comeup with things i couldn't imagine..
In my previous post(last month..i think) i said i want to have a note on,
a) how many times i am going to google home page per day
b) And also if i find a exact result, have a note on the key word i used for that search...
and alot..

Its not neccessary for is doing this for me..

From Google Blog..
How many times have you used Google to find an obscure funny website or fun facts about "The Wizard of Oz," but then got distracted by other web pages and tasks? I know - me too. Wouldn't it be great to find them again, and for that matter review all your Google searches over time? Which is exactly why we built
My Search History.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

java in TRUCKS

Xora's product involves a Java software application on a mobile phone that communicates with Xora's servers to record the data.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Frameworks - Review

In java, there are 'n' number of frameworks avilable in the opensource market. If you are a web programmer/developer , then you must have a proficiency in any one of the frameworks listed below....
(I am not added any proprietary framework in the above list...that has a separate list..)

After seeing this you may have a questions like
a) Which is the best in the above list.
b) What's the difference between each one listed above(Advantage & Disadvantage).
c) Which one exactly suits for yr requirment.(If yr project duration is only a week, then which is the best choice from that list..)
d) Which one will ramains stable and grow in the long race?
e) Performance
f) Scalability

And 'n' number of other factors..

Actually speaking, no one find time for doing all these R&D stuffs...simply they can choose the frameworks based on the following things...
  • I knew this framework, So this is the best one...
  • Thatmuch of huge site based on this framework only we too follow the same .
  • In previous project we followed that use that .
  • This framework comes from very matured opensource this is the correct choice.
  • In web, everybody speaking about this we can adopt this..

And a alot more assumptions..

Atlast, we have to give JUSTIFICATION for the framework what we take. Below link will give you clear picture regarding that.
I am very much enjoyed when reading that article..because not even a single anchor tag in that article..After a blog culture in the internet every single line conatins minimum two hyperlinks (for me its bit annoying thing...)...

checkout that..

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Someone says its a old technique or old concept...but if you check the examples in this site surely you can say its going to rule the web for next couple of years....especially the webblog based on xml http(checkout the calendar link in the top..its cool..)..

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy Tamil New Year

Iniya Tamizh Puthandu Vazhthukkal!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Why JUGs Are Good for You

For Java programmers: A great way to keep up with new Java technologies. It also gives you a chance to network with your peers, which always helps in getting a job.

For business: Instead of paying head-hunters hefty finder fees every time you need to hire a Java developer, create a home for your local JUG by letting them use one of your conference rooms one evening a month. The return on this small investment will be phenomenal: whenever you need a Java person, post your job requirements to the JUG's mailing list.

For students: JUGs give you a chance to learn what's happening in the real business world and maybe find an internship or summer job.

For headhunters: Your local JUG may give you an access to a pool of Java developers. But you should contribute too: speak periodically on the status of the Java job market in your geographical area. Such sessions are pretty popular with developers. Here's a tip for you. Headhunters can create new JUGs and breed Java programmers for themselves.


Thursday, April 07, 2005


Normally tax agencies are pretty boring, but these folks have been doing very cool stuff. For the last couple of years they've been using a Java tax submission system and are running almost entirely paperless. Their new thing for this year is that they've got a J2ME application that runs on all the cell phones in Brazil (and they have twice as many cellphones in the country as they have households). This app allows folks to submit their tax forms from their cell phone - no computer required. Quite a sophisticated piece of cellphone hacking.

Guru Speaks...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

10th year celebration -> JAVA

Any device or gadget, which needs to be connected or networked, needs Java. Java is for the network world, whether wireless or wireline
a) 4.5 million software developers work on Java
b) 100 carrier deployments and 579 million phones are on this platform
c) Also, around 750 million Java cards have been deployed globally.
d) “In India, over 3.5 lakh Java developers. Today Java is on India’s largest CDMA carrier with over 62 lakh units"

wow..interesting to read..

Monday, April 04, 2005

ajax + struts =hijackstruts(!)

AJAX is becoming more popular nowadays.. and STRUTS also a de facto standard for java on the server side...Just imagine, what can we do if these two join hands?
We can do superb web applications based on that...

checkout this , you can find source code also there...