Thursday, May 26, 2005

43(?) - Things

I want to write about this site after i finished my list ....but I don't think I can finish that in couple of days....

This site is something similar like "todo.txt" in yr desktop..

When i found this site only two guys was there from chennai. but if u search now u can find minimum 30 peoples there..and its still growing....that's great..

Before writing yr 43 things, just read others first..then decide what to write & try to write some unique list..just do a surf completely ..u can understand better about this site..checkout
1) my list
2) Mali's list ...(Mali's blog..)

if u r a techie, want to know what technology & framework this site follows and other info' means checkout this page.. and also find an interesting info' about RAILS vs STRUTS

Send me the URL once u finished yr list in that site...

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