Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I know what you are doing in this summer

If you discuss OPENSOURCE topics with any college student, surely he can't understand the proper meaning of that word. But if u say FREEWARE means they will understand bit

For college students, this is the time to learn more about opensource projects.But who will introduce this to that students?(atleast for final year guys).But google has come up with beautiful concept called "the Summer of Code"

Form Google
"we’ll give $4,500 to applicants who successfully work with a sponsoring organization or advisor to create innovative or useful open source software.We’ll also get you a t-shirt to go along with the cash."

and also checkout the interesting debate in the slashdot site..

When i am speaking about students here, this essay also worth to look into. This essay talks about wide range of topics. In my experience(!), what this article says is absolutely right.

This essay mainly focused on students..but i don't know howmany students(or professors) have got a chance to visit that page....what i feel is, this article not only for students..this will
also applicable to bachelors ...

Read between the lines
or take this page printout and read this everyday when u getup from the bed if you want to do something big in the coming future.

Hiring is obsolete


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