Thursday, June 23, 2005

Interview Questions

In interview, if anyone asks questions like this,

1. Do you have a blog?
-yes..(its not personal blog and also its not technical blog ..its something like repository for my future use)
2. What's your home page?
-I don't have..still using goolge only..
3. Do you contribute to an open source project?
-not yet..but i am a very active(!) listener to a popular java opensource projects(12 projects)..In future, surely i will be in the opensource world..

Am I good at communicating, tinkering and passion for coding??My score will be surely low..but not bad...i think :-)
Engineer Interview Triage?

And checkout the comments for this post..Interesting comment on that..
"I don't have a blog. I use google as my home page. I don't contribute to open source projects because there are other things in my life than the computer......"

This link also interesting.....How to hire a product manager


Anonymous said...

That homepage is not so bad Durai...don't forget google also offers, you will ofcourse score high :)

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