Monday, July 11, 2005

Welcoming news

When I was working(in the year -2000) as a faculty, I learned about this tool. After that I worked for 3 software companies..No one using this tool.I don't know the reason. It may be due to high cost or may be used by specific group.

After that I never get a chance to work on that tool. But whenever I read the news, I just think about my previous company and other details(like howmuch I struggled to understand the BC4J components ...:-))

But the good news is Oracle JDeveloper 10g available to all developers for free. More

In my opinion,
Eclipse - This tool is useful for you when u r writting a PERL code in the morning, JAVA code in the afternoon, PHP code at night .Very useful for multilingual purpose. if u r addicted to plugins then no other choice than this.

Netbeans - This tool is useful if you are a hard core java programmer.( I havn't check the NetBeans Mobility Pack....I have to check that..)

Jdeveloper - This tool is useful if you are a oracle guy want to learn about JAVA or If you are new to Java or your delivery model combined with java and oracle .( Its also a nice tool )

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Shyam said...

The web application support in Netbeans is really good compared to what one can do with free Eclipse plugins :(