Saturday, August 06, 2005

Uninvited G(ue/ho)st

Working in IT field is a gift.Always I feel like that . Just spend 10 mins and speak to any other department guys then u can understand what i am saying.(i am speaking knowledge wise...for example, everyday morning 7:00am what i am seeing in a daily newspaper is always an old news for me because i know most of the news from other blogs or from google alerts or someway the previous night itself...)

In this field, forwarding mails also one part of the job(even we can justify like saying, one way to keep in touch with other person)

Everyday i too get alot of forwarded mails. Then i too fwd. that to my close circles..then he/she will continue that job ....atlast that mail again will reach my mailbox.Last week i got a mail like that which contains the photo's of the people those who suffered in recent flood in MUMBAI(BOMBAY).In that ppt slide i got this picture which has something peculiar than other slides.

After I saw this picture, I had a questions like
1) when this child will come down? (that child not even removed his school shirt)
2) where will they sleep?
3) where will they sit and eat? ( if you notice well, that mother preparing something in the gas)
4) howlong that child will sit like this?

If anyone asks you to write an essay about middle class people life in india, the above picture is enough..really, "a picture is worth 1000 words" .
In India, Last year we faced "tsunami", this year "floods" in unexpected area, then next year...???
no problem...we are ready to face any surprise gifts given by GOD.

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