Thursday, September 01, 2005

Love the CODE

I saw couple of official relieving letters, but this one looks simple and great ....I was stunned by reading the below lines from that page..

"I'll definitely get back into coding, I might write a book, I might do some consulting, I've even considered starting a different community site next year some time."

In the above quoted lines, after reading first 7 words, I started thinking..."GET BACK INTO CODING"..hmmmm..

Here, After 2 years of experience noone wants to write a code or they forced to do some other work other than coding like managing people, client interaction, document updating...(that's also different kind of stuff..But still...).In India, based on the position only u can earn more money..That's also one reason for that change..But this person 's future plan looks something different....

I too a great fan of TSS java community site..

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