Monday, November 28, 2005


I love to read this author books. My favorate book in that list, "The monk who sold his ferrari, Discover yr destiny"...recently I got a chance to read his another book,"The monk who sold is ferrari,The leadership wisdom"..superb book..I have to thank Mr.Rams. He only gave that book to read.

Couple of weeks ago, I got a mail which contains some inspirational quotes. After a lot of discussion regarding that quote mail, my friend said those quotes are taken from this website.The Success Manifesto™: 200 Powerful Ideas for an Extraordinary Life

Today morning when I was sleeping, Ganesh came to my room and gave me the hardcopy of this 200 quotes. thanks ganesh..When I was reading those quotes, sudden thought like, instead of memorizing the 200 points , why not I implement a single idea given in that I decided to follow the 1st one.(most difficult one)

"Sleep less. This is one of the best investments you can make to make your life more productive and rewarding. Most people do not need more than 6 hours to maintain an excellent state of health. Try getting up one hour earlier for 3-4 weeks and it will develop into a powerful habit. Remember, it is the quality not the quantity of sleep that is important. And just imagine having an extra 30 hours a month to spend on the things that are important to you."

checkout his fav. books list( I don't know when will I get a chance to read all books in that page??)...if u r not interested in reading those kind of stuffs or if you are a pure techy(!), then checkout this site.( actually speaking, I want to read these books also)..Finding a good sponsor..:-)


Anonymous said...

Julian, its Great. Keep the Tempo Going.

"As you live your day, so you live your life"(A day is your life in miniature, born in am and die in pm; successful life is nothing more than a successful live strung together." - Robin Sharma.

Anonymous said...

beautiful work with the blog durai.especially shortcut the qoute page for my self! thanx it WAS inspiratinal indeed.nice to c a techie guy with such profound philosophy! cheers! also liked yur quote at the top of your page about kadaul...beautiful.