Friday, January 27, 2006

India Everywhere

"I want you to know the power, the liberation of another kind of science, the inner science, the yogic science through which you can become the master of your own destiny." - Mr. Jaggi

The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum is going on. I read in the newspaper like "Dream india Team" is doing a campaign there. Bit curiosity, I want check it out who are all there in that team. They below category has that details,

When I saw Mr.Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in that list, I am just thinking, what he is doing in the World Economic Forum. But I feel, that's a correct choice. Becaue when you say INDIA, you can't separate SPIRITUALISM from that..

I love to read Mr.Jaggi books and everyday I love to watch his speech in the morning, vijay TV and still planning to join in Isha Yoga session..

When I was discussing with my friend I said, if Mr.Jaggi enters into corporate world, he can earn alot of money...yea,I know its not his ambition...I am just thinking like how to convert those (priceless)spritual speeches into "BRAND YOU" kind of stuff in the corporate world.


Kavi---tha said...

I guess Jaggi is already into Corpo world. I saw his banner in Tidel & his introductory session in the auditorium......:)

Duraionly said...

interesting..tell me if u come across any session like that..

crsathish said...

i attended ishayoga program of sadh guru in phoenix. it was just awesome.

Ananth said...

Me too. I went for the advanced program this March and man this was real stuff. Its good to see some sincere spirituality again in this country.....