Thursday, January 05, 2006

Interesting Links

Interesting links i bookmarked in the last couple of days...

As usual monthly check on this site, I found very interesting essay on procrastination,

Richard Hamming suggests that you ask yourself three questions:
1. What are the most important problems in your field?
2. Are you working on one of them?
3. Why not?
Good & Bad Procrastination

Servlet 2.5 features :
  • A new dependency on J2SE 5.0
  • Support for annotations
  • Several web.xml conveniences
  • A handful of removed restrictions
  • Some edge case clarifications
There are few others features in pending/ wish list phase which will be coming in upcoming releases.More

An engineer from Sun is teaching a online Java Class. The best part of it. Its free. This is the time to brush up on your programming abilities.More

interesting tech interview to read...Excerpts from that interview...
You mentioned diversification, as a Java developer how should you diversify?
...This may involve looking at things like .NET, for example. This is a kind of knee-jerk reaction that lot of people have in the Java community now. I am aJava programmer, that's Microsoft; I am not going to touch that. I think, that's shortsighted, because as we're looking more and more at an interoperableworld, we are gonna to be looking more and more interacting with Microsoft front ends, whatever it might be and we need to work on how that happens.....More

Joel writes :
"I'd like to claim is that Java is not, generally, a hard enough programming language that it can be used to discriminate between great programmers and mediocre programmers. It may be a fine language to work in, but that's not today's topic. I would even go so far as to say that the fact that Java is not hard enough is a feature, not a bug, but it does have this one problem."
Netbeans Vs Eclipse worth to read

First secure an independent income, then practice virtue.
- Greek Proverb
I don't know the reason why i love this quote...hmmmmmm..still thinking..

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Shyam said...

First secure an independent income, then practice virtue.
- Greek Proverb
Is it because its the same as "Thanakku pin thaan dhaana dharmam" (charity should come from a full pocket ?)