Monday, February 20, 2006

Chennai - Tech Days

One stall has this poster in the SUN TECH DAYS in Chennai..

Things I noticed in that session:
  1. Most of the guys used Solaris or Linux box for their presentation (very less 'Windows' user).
  2. One hour track for each session was very less..A lot of peoples run out of time(especially j2me peoples..I mentioned this in their response sheet also)
  3. The food & entertainment was damn good..:-)
  4. I enjoyed attending this guy session and Chuk Munn Lee sessions.
  5. They gave NetbeansCD(5.0) for free..Really its useful for developers and now I am playing around with that tool(especially mobility pack ROCKS)..Checkout this link for Free CD for NETBEANS
  6. Every one gave a demo on how to use AJAX? And also they showed, how easy to do that using SUN IDEs.
  7. The bonus day session was more interesting(and useful) than the previous days sessions.(I opted "Netbeans", not "Solaris")
And a lot more interesting stuff..It was a really a cool experience for me.

checkout the below links for more,

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