Friday, March 31, 2006

Q & A

Generally I like to read alot of question and answers type of pages in any magazine or in newspapers or in the Internet. Don't know how I learned this habit because in my school days, I hate this kind of culture when preparing for exams. (obviously everyone :-))

If I think back , it may be began with when I started reading Anantha vikatan(Tamil weekly) Mr. Madan's question and answer. Still I am enjoying that page. Not only by the weird answers and also something different from normal stuff. After reading that, I will also start giving answers for that question. Unfortunately I am the only reader for that answers…:-)

In that series, Q&A I enjoyed recently,

From the JAVA Guru,
Question : At Sun, are you closely involved in managing the company?
Gosling replied : Not really. I'm pretty high up in the ranks, I'm a vice-president, but I have the luxury of being able to stay away from stuff. Sun's kind of a funny company when it comes to management. A lot of the oil companies are very hierarchical and Sun, on paper, we have a hierarchy, but as somebody once said, "Sun doesn't have an org chart, it has e-mail." Sun is more of a debating society than an organized corporation. More..
Yakov Fain asked Gosling: "There are many different languages in the world. Some people are saying there are some other new languages coming up and Java is endangered. Do you feel this way?"
Gosling replied (in full): "No I don't, really. Most languages that have been coming up lately have been scripting languages - things like PHP and Ruby. And these are all perfectly fine systems. More..

Wonderful answer given by Master Blaster,
When we are at losing side we stop matches at Eden gardens, if we don’t like the performance of maestro we boo him in Mumbai. Does cricket lost its sporting value?
Tendulkar replied : "I have to ignore them. I cannot forget the backing I have got from the people all these years just because of this. I appreciate the support I have got over so many years,'' he added. More..
Especially I love to read Mr.Jayakanthan interview. Last week Vikatan weekly(81'st b'day special) contains his interview, but I couldn't find a web link for that....he is really stunning personality..


Anonymous said...

Wow! I was a gr8 fan of 'Hai Madan' myself though my interest in it has declined lately.

Anonymous said...

Hi Durai,

Really very interesting to see your blogs now a days... lot of improvement in your blog development... it is not an exaggeration.. Really awesome and lively when read ur blog ....

Try to find who I am ??
Clue: Endrum Anbudan......

Duraionly said...

Thanks for yr (April 1st :-)) comment. I am very poor on this type of findings. But I can guess one thing. Surely, u r my friend :-)