Wednesday, March 15, 2006

WEB 2.0

Checkout the WEB2.0 Companies(KINGS) List...The Next Net 25..In that list, I did a quick demo on WRITELY tool and liked very much..Its called online word collaboration. (AJAX based MS-WORD)

Recently, I was stunned by seeing the below news..( because In that list of 25 companies, I did a quick research on this tool only and the rest of the tools I just read the features alone...Is that mean,I and google thinking alike..:-))

Writely is now part of Google!

Yes, we've been acquired by Google, and we're really excited about this for many, many reasons. But I can hear you saying, "I don't care why YOU'RE excited - I want to know how this change will impact ME!"

Generally I have a doubt like why google acquiring (startup)products instead of creating a new one. After seeing the demo , they can comeup with a new product which is better than the existing one(they have a BRAND & BRAIN as well). I found the perfect answer for my question from one blog....

During one of the final internal "sales pitches" for the purchase, I had finished demonstrating Flickr to some important Yahoo's that weren't as familiar with it. One of the technical leaders in the room suggested, politely, that it was a waste of money and that "we could build this in six months."

I honestly don't remember if I responded to his assertion in that meeting or not (I think I did), but to me he was wrong and missing the point. Yes, we could have replicated the technology in six months. Heck, we probably would have improved it quite a bit. But we didn't have the experience to replicate the "feel" of the early Flickr community. More..

One more info, about google..

Most of you knew about the service offering by Google like Google Earth, Google Moon..In that series, Latest release speaks about Google Mars(Have a nice trip :-)).....checkout more from Google team blog

Instead of "WEB2.0", I think I can give a heading as "GOOGLE " for this post..( that much Google info than web2.0)

checkout the WEB2.0 companies logo....(looks like WEB2.0 COLLAGE ..:-))

When I write about WEB2.0 I forgot to mentioned one more thing...This time GEEK CAMP(officially "BAR CAMP") is happening in CHENNAI .. nice quote from that page.."NO SPECTATORS, ONLY PARTICIPANTS"..actually I too want to participate..lets see.


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