Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Public Speaking..

I am busy writing my Tamil blog, but deliberately want to post something in my blog regarding the upcoming election in Tamil nadu..I am not here to suggest some junk party to cast yr vote.

I am going to write about the greatness of political orators skills. I love to listen these people speeches if I come across any party meeting on the way to my room. And I like to watch these guys speech in TV too. They are damn good in expressing things in their own style. Whenever I find time, I just check these speakers programme and try to attend maximum like just standing somewhere in that crowd.(without showing any expressions)..The same speaker will speak in different manner with in a week after he/she changed their party..At that time also they will speak in a stunning manner supporting their current party..That's a different story :-)

Ok..Come to the point. After watching these scenes I have one doubt. Give the mike to one MCA/MBA finished guy. Ask him/her to speak about anything in the world for just 10 mins. And do the same to any political speaker. And see,who will win?? You will be really astonished seeing the result of any political speaker(you have to stop him after 10mins, otherwise he will keep on speaking)..surely the political speaker is a low profile guy in the education level and other areas too.

We can give a lot of justification like that political speaker has a vast experience and he has took that as a profession ...Etc. But the fact is, we never learned how to speak on the stage without fear. But don't know about others, but in my case its correct. But I too, keep on participating anything from my college studies(like taking part in cultural,seminars..And other interesting stuffs).But still lacking a lot when compared to those political people. I will simply list what are all the mistakes we do in the stage...
a) start speaking without switch on the mike.
b) audible ( distance to keep the mike)
c) how interactive you are when speaking.
d) how confident you are when speaking.
e) clarity of the speech.
g) swallowing words.
I) very fast or very slow kind of speech.

(check this link if you want to learn more on this topic...)

But, in the political speaker case, u can't find not even a single mistake like what I listed above. That's their speciality. Today also I am planning to attend one party's election speech in T-nagar. For me, its really a enjoyable election this time.