Thursday, August 10, 2006

AJAX - defacto standard in the web

Last week I met a group of students(final year guys, searching for their last semester project)..all of them asked me the same question..What is AJAX??

I just gave an intro about AJAX (actually, nothing big to speak other than 'XMLHttpRequest' object) and asked them all to visit my blog regularly ..(blog marketing !! :-))

I don't have the patience to list all the AJAX links here. Click the below link and learn ( more than sixty thousand relevant links available in that site...)

They asked me a couple of questions about AJAX...I don't know if I answered them correctly...

question : Which course should I join now ? j2ee or .net or mainframe or SAP or AJAX?
my answer: you can easily learn Ajax from the net ..& do a simple research on other technology part (but I gave a suggestion to join 'j2ee'- suggestion only.. because later if anything goes wrong (or) if he didn't get a job in j2ee side, they shouldn't simply say they would have thought of doing some #@$%$ technology, but only because of durai...:-))

question : Is AJAX more powerful than JAVA?
my answer: "NO" is a simple one javascript object..but Java is a programming language..Java supports AJAX strongly..nothing here to compare..but this simple javascript object is creating a revolution in the web.

question : Would I get a job if I learn AJAX?
my answer: hmmmm(thinking)...YES..(1 year guarantee in the job market)..but you should have more knowledge on HTML,CSS,DHTML,JAVASCRIPT,XML,XSL (tag based programming is easier to learn than the object oriented..but in the long term you should learn at least one server-side language )

question : How long will it take to read the above TAG based languages?
my answer: max. 2 months..(learn from home if you have 24hours net connection )

question : Can you forward my resume inside your company after I have learnt this?
my answer: hmmmm..(thinking again)..if you become an expert(?), i will fwd. your resume.

..and alot more interesting questions.checkout the links below may be useful for you all..All the best guys.