Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blog Vision

Can anyone teach me how to write a new blog post after a long interval of time? If its a first blog post, I can start with "hello world" or if its a last post i may start with "bye"..but now, how do I start??......hmmm...thinking..( I have already started well here, I think :-))

Everyone had the experience like "work pressure" or "deadline pressure"..etc. But last one week, I am facing a "blog pressure". Yesterday I got a mail from my sister asking "why no updates from your blog?"....that's also one reason for this post.

Actually, I never used my blog as an online diary because I am very much comfortable with traditional diary style(with paper & pen).Intially, blog boom was started for that purpose only, I think. But now its become like you can run a business based on blogs.that's a different story.

First, I started my blog as mail repository(in 2003 - no gmail at that time) where i can store the forwarded mails. I will laugh now if I read my old post. that's ok.that's what my intention at that time.After gmail, I moved these kind of mails there for future use. After that my blog focus has changed like giving an interesting web links and write 2 lines about my view on that topic. instead of sending mails to all my friends, I just update that info. in my blog where they can all read.Now, I am thinking how to move my blog vision to next level. hmm...thinking again..let me think and will update in the next post.

(If you notice well, I wrote this blog post without any external link/without any useful topic.that's itself a great move, i think..:-))