Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year (web2.0) Wishes

Belated new year wishes to all. continue from my previous post, no changes in my blog vision :-) I will maintain this space for an interesting external links and my comment about that topic.

This season popular blog posts are PREDICTIONS & RESOLUTION..I will also do the same here.
I too thought of writing a prediction list..but in the net, I found couple of links(below links) which comes close to my listing..that is, prediction part post is over(how easy it is!!!!...:-)) my resolution part..this time no long 'to-do' list items . simply 2 wishes,
a) finish my previous year pending wishlist. (personal)
b) research on WEB2.0 products. (official)

I think, the first wishlist will continue for every year.don't know exactly how to explain that....let me give a try.."I can't live my life fixing a deadline because I am a human being"(nice escape it?? but if you think again, its partially true).So, I can try to reduce that atleast not growing much every year.( If anyone asks me more about this topic, I will explain it in a next post..but its a complete philosophical post. If you are ready for that, then write it as a comment in my blog)

Regarding my second wish list, its bit easy because I am already a regular user of most of the WEB2.0 products. User is more different from I correct? So,initially I thought of finding the best 2 products in each category and start doing my research. But the below link helped me not to do that too(thanks to internet/google..:-)).

The new 100 most useful sites

So, every day browse and find what's common or unique in each products listed there. Addition of that alot more other research the page UI designed & what's the technology platform..etc. For a developer,what's the benefit will I get if I do this?..I don't know. I will learn something new..that's it.

some one told me this year is 'James Bond' year ..2(007 )...lets enjoy more thrill and fun this year..wishes to all again.

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Anonymous said...

give ur philosophical thoughts man.... expecting a good one from you on this topic...
To enjoy a life have to reduce the commitments & wishes not to increase it. Wats ur view on this? Even if u do something don't work towards the result ... just work and put ur 100% commitment.. Am I Correct? Simply to say, "Live life at this moment"