Thursday, February 22, 2007

Web Links

I am just listing the links which I bookmarked recently . especially i decided to write a post after seeing this link.

Java popularized object-oriented programming and introduced many important new ideas. It’s used daily by many practicing computer scientists and will probably continue to be one of the dominant languages in use for at least another decade.....
Canada honors Gosling for Java

nothing to say more...he deserved it.

This is really a cool tool which occupies one tab in my firefox browser ....its simple(only text) and very powerful
Digg Spy - A Real-Time View of Activity

if anyone asks me to write an essay about WISDOM & INTELLIGENCE, I can't write it more than 10 lines..but check this link..amazing(for me, this
page looks like a thesis/research paper on that topic :-))
the relationship between wisdom and intelligence

i used to read alot of books which speaks about customer satisfaction or customer thrill or...etc. but this link has some interesting tips.
Check the 4th point "4. Take the blame" [Saying “it’s my fault” was completely out of character - wow !!]
Seven steps to remarkable customer service...

Web2.0 : 25 startups to watch

See the employee headcount in each company listed in that link..that's really stunning..Does it convey any message to you?

Btw, can you able to judge who will become the next myspace or youtube from that list??? and also i thought surely one big company(obviously
google/yahoo) will buy couple of services from that list..and at the same time i found this link which is completely contradictory with my statement..

Great companies are built by entrepreneurs who want to change the world. They have a basic belief that they will be rewarded for either defining a new market or redefining an old one. They do not want to be bought by Google or Yahoo!, they want to be the next Google or Yahoo!.
The Web 2.0 Myth

check the latest news......Google Launches Apps Premier

hmm.......interesting to watch this race!!!!!!!


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