Saturday, September 22, 2007

Knowledge Worker 2.0

One more nice presentation from

In the web2.0 era,a lot of things have changed.. this slide has a wonderful info. about how the transformation happening in the the knowledge worker side...

After reading these slides, I just thought of new roles in the web2.0 period ..its completely different from the old skill set like java programmer / dotnet programmer..etc..

Here is the list :
a) Mashup Developer
b) API designer(REST / XML RPC)
c) Ajax programmer(expert in in one javascript library, json, xmlhttp..etc)
d) Web2.0 UI designer
e) Facebook developer (customize your app to run in facebook platform)
f) Blogger & expert in RSS or ATOM
g) Plugin/widget developer
h) Web2.0 Market Researcher

my favorite picture from the above slide..:-)
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