Tuesday, November 13, 2007

iPhone Vs iRobot(Android)

Android SDK for developers released recently. checkout google blog post to know more.

It got a mixed review in the blogosphere. But in my opinion, google did a great job. And currently released SDK is java based. checkout my first program in that kit.(i used plain editor..not eclipse)

yea...this is the first question everyone asks after reading those links..how it differs from j2me???? this blog has a wonderful answer for that question..

"Kind of like telling someone they have to stay in their hotel room on vacation (J2ME) and giving them free reign of an entire resort (Android)."

that's true..checkout this simple API, you will come to know how deep you can work on this.. http://code.google.com/android/reference/android/telephony/gsm/SmsMessage.html

detailed system-architecture diagram here ....

very soon, someone will write a hack to support an existing j2me MIDP apps to run in this environment!!! (this is also my guess :-))

Join this group, if you are a mobile(java!!!) developer & want to explore more in this area.

really interesting times ahead...

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