Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend special

I have spent last weekend by surfing the below posts & enjoyed reading each and every comment in these post..This is what called really really crowd pulling writeups.....techcrunch used that in a perfect way!!!!!

Its all long posts..please read all the post & its really worth to waste your time in these kind of posts..

main post->

techcrunch ->

37-signals - >

Zoho - >

Zoli Blog ->

Scobleizer ->

I am not a bigshot to write my comment about this debate !!!!..if you have anything to say, please write it here as a comment..

btw, i watched couple of DVDs too,
a) Mr.Brooks -
b) Run Fat Boy Run

both are wonderful moives..I have decided to go to gym(regularly!!! :-)) after watching the second movie..!!!! overall, it was a nice weekend!!!!