Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

[click on the pic. to view larger image]

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Zoozimps - cool gmail theme

2 weeks before I saw the "new theme" feature at gmail and didn't like anything from that list. Because i am happy with the classic layout what gmail has by default(light blue color)..

Today again i have checked that page and found this theme called "Zoozimps" ..

This is really cool theme..especially I liked the image above the gchat window(inside gmail)..

And when playing in the gmail settings page, I found one more interesting area where you can add your igoogle widgets..

I have added daily toon widget in the gmail !!!!! ..if you want to add, please try the below procedure..
  1. gmail -> click on "settings" link in the top -> press "labs" tab-> go to "Add any gadget by URL" area - > enable the check box - > save the changes.
  2. This will add "Gadgets" tab in the settings.
  3. Again go to "settings" link in the top -> click "gadgets" tab->
    paste the below URL and click "add" button..that's it.